Unlock Explosive Growth: The Power of a CRM

If you are a solopreneur, that means having to balance all the demands of your business, besides taking care of your family.  Similarly, it can be challenging to balance the needs of your clients, with growing a business. Meeting all of these demands can happen using the power of a CRM! A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can automate your onboarding process, remove the burden of responding to inquiries immediately, and help you organize all the back-end processes of your business.

The Power of a CRM:

This shows the power of a CRM by illustrating an automated onboarding process. Even though it’s a lot to keep track of all your inquires and following up with them, it’s not impossible.  The key to simplifying this process is creating an automated workflow using a CRM.  As a result, having a workflow in place ensures potential clients get a positive impression of your business from the first contact. This increases the likelihood that they will choose to work with you. Additionally, you can use lead forms created in your CRM as a landing page, if you don’t have a website in place.

Choosing the Right CRM:

On the other hand, knowing you need a CRM and choosing one are two completely different things. I was also in that place as I started my buiness.  Meanwhile, I was told about Honeybook and found it easy to learn and use. First, consider these factors before making a decision

  • Business Size: Are you a solopreneur, or do you have a team? If you have a team, look for a system that makes it easy to add team members.
  • Specific Industry Needs: Business in the medical and legal fields need to ensure that their CRM meets the needed legal requirement.
  • Included Features: Are you looking for a platform that includes e-mail marketing?
  • Customizations: Is it easy to add your brand elements and photos? Does it accurately reflect your brand voice? 
  • Automations: Are you able to have automations for each service you provide?
  • Integrations: Do you need to integrate Quick Books, or want to use Zapier to create Google Drive folders for your clients? 

Streamline Your Back-End Operations:

Finally, using the right CRM can simplify the inquiry and onboarding processes in your business. This ensures happy clients from their first inquiry, to the end of their relationship with you. It’s important to take some time annually to analyze if your current platform is meeting your needs, or if it’s time to make the switch.

To learn more about my Honeybook services click here.  If you would like to schedule a discovery call, please click here: https://bit.ly/43uMjOe.

Don’t leave your onboarding to chance, harness the power of a CRM! Leave a comment below with either a CRM success story, or a current challenge! Let’s help each other navigate the confusing world of CRMs!

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